Eric Vardi

Chief Legal Officer

Eric Vardi serves as the Chief Legal Officer overseeing all legal operations, insurance administration and a variety of applications within the Think Hospitality portfolio encompassing all hotels, condominiums, food and beverage enterprises, and other commercial ventures.  With a background rooted in litigation and transactional law, particularly within the hospitality and real estate sectors, Eric brings forth his expertise as a partner at Reiss Sheppe LLP, a prominent New York law firm. Prior to his legal career, he held the role of Managing Partner at an esteemed international jewelry company with bases in New York and Hong Kong.

At Think Hospitality, Eric’s multifaceted experience amalgamates legal acumen with business proficiency, fostering a holistic approach to managing hospitality properties. He staunchly believes in the interconnectedness of all aspects of hospitality management, advocating for a meticulous analysis of each aspect to optimize client asset value. This thorough, detail-oriented approach stands as a cornerstone for success in the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry.